How to Effectively Lose Man Boobs

Moobs or man boobs may seem a crazy phrase or words to you; however, it is definitely not a crazy thing to someone who might be suffering from an overload of stored fats in their chest area. Most men try to lose man boobs by spot reduction, which is not an effective way to yield positive results. So how do you effectively lose man boobs?

What are Man Boobs?

Man boobs or moobs are the psychologically troublesome distribution of excessive body fats all over the pectoral muscles, How-To-Get-Rid-of-Man-Boobsproducing a look same as breasts of women.

Types of Man Boobs

• Gynecomastia or Hormonal Imbalance

Gynecomastia is usually known to as gyno, which is the dilation of tissues on the breast in men caused by the imbalance in testosterone and estrogen. It may happen in both or just one breast and is usually a bad side effect of anabolic steroids. However, its appearance may signify some serious existing medical disorders like liver disease, pituitary tumor or even cancer.

Excessive testosterone is then transformed to estrogen, which combines to receptor tissues in the breast causing it to swell. Gynecomastia is usually mistaken as a lump underneath the nipple. It is usually painful and can be very embarrassing especially to a man.

• Moobs or Excessive Stored Fats

Another type of man boobs is the moobs, which is more frequent and can be easily cured. The basic scenario surrounding moobs is well demonstrated by a man with a bit extra fats around his belly. The man was diagnosed to have a big chest, thus resulted in him to stay away from strenuous chest workouts for he fears that it can make his chest bigger. After a while, he was persuaded to do some push-ups, which made his muscles on the chest to be firm and toned; in addition, that he maintained a healthy diet intake. It was then no surprise that this kind of method resulted in an effective way to lose man boobs!

The dispersion of body fat is known by genetics and not much of hormones. For example, if the cortisol, the stress hormone, has increased in the blood stream, excessive calories will be stored around the belly. In addition, excessive fats on the chest may only be eliminated by maintaining a program meant for an overall loss of fats, for spot reduction is definitely impossible.

More so, most people are still scared to perform heavy chest exercises, which is a big mistake! Stored fats inside the body undertake a huge space, which is usually seen right after losing lots of fats. Working out a specific part of your body is the main factor in losing fats and for this, the chest is definitely not exempted.

How to Lose Man Boobs?

• Exercise

As mentioned above, you must start an exercise routine focusing on your overall fat loss while maintain your lean muscles.

• Nutrition

A sustainable healthy nutrition program, concentrated on unprocessed foods and whole grained foods, may produce calorie deficit that may allow the fats to be eliminated from the body.

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